A Custom Fit for Just My Size

Temerlin McClain this week breaks an in-store television campaign for Just My Size.

The 30-second TV commercial is the first in four years for the plus-size clothier. It also represents the initial ad placed with San Francisco-based Pics Retail Networks (PRN). The in-store network will deliver the spot to 2,000 Wal-Mart locations from Oct. 9 to Dec. 3.

The spot shows a variety of plus-size women in indoor and outdoor settings, with family, friends and alone. Each woman voices part of a continuous text, with their narration overlapping, creating a sort of manifesto of self-worth and size-affirmation.

“Now that there’s more people like [actress] Camryn Manheim, plus-size women are feeling a bit more militant and we were wanting to applaud that,” said Temerlin McClain associate creative director Janet Ferguson. “It’s a montage of plus-size women … stating their philosophy about themselves.”

The models, all nonunion actors filmed in Toronto, were themselves touched by the message of em-powerment con-tained in the TV commercial, said Ferguson.

“These women make their living doing this and they get passed over for roles or told they should lose 20 pounds all the time,” she said. “They face it more tangibly than the average woman on the street.”

The decision to advertise via PRN was initiated by the apparel division of brand owner Sara Lee Corp. in Chicago.

“Wal-Mart is the largest distributor of Just My Size clothing and this is a great way to hit that target market directly for less money than TV,” said agency spokesperson Karen Rayl.

The parent corporation has previously marketed its Hanes brand of hosiery via the in-store network.

A print campaign for Just My Size broke in August in women’s magazines. The effort will continue through August 2001. Seven executions show individual women and the tagline, “Just My Size. Great looking. Great fitting.”