Craig Astler, Clyde Miles and Bill Schwartz have spent their careers at large agencies with founder names on the doors.

Now, having opened their own agency together in Cleveland, the three partners wanted something different in a name.

They have come up with Brain Farm.

‘The name’s more like a rock group than an agency, I know,’ said Astler. ‘That’s OK, because we want this agency to be about the concept and not about us.’

Astler and Schwartz previously worked at Meldrum & Fewsmith in Cleveland. Miles also is an M&F alumnus, but most recently worked at the local office of Bozell.

The impetus for opening Brain Farm was their collective desire to ‘find ways to get the best work presented and sold to clients, said Astler. That’s not just a problem (at M&F); it’s a big agency problem. We feel we’ve got a way to see more of the best work getting to clients.’

Brain Farm already is working on several project assignments, and Astler said the step down in scale from working on multimillion dollar campaigns is not a problem.

‘It’s liberating to be able to follow our vision,’ he said.

‘It’s ideas that are the heart and soul of this business.’

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