Gray Kirk Vansant went to the “Dawg Pound” to find screen talent for its new television spots for client Tops Friendly Markets.
In a pair of new advertisements from the Baltimore agency for the Cleveland chain of grocery stores, the notorious cheering section for the National Football League’s reborn Cleveland Browns introduces rookie quarterback Tim Couch to the intricacies of where and how to shop in his new hometown. It’s Tops, of course.
“Having Tim Couch and the members of the Dawg Pound joking around together in these spots ties Tops to a beloved Cleveland football tradition,” said agency vice president and account supervisor Stacey Molli.
The spots leave little doubt to who are the time-proven warriors and who’s the new kid in town. One ad, “Dawg Meat,” ends with a confused-looking Couch trying to buy vegetables to go with a shopping cart full of beef and pork cuts. “Hey, he’s only a rookie,” a sympathetic Pound-er empathizes.
–T.W. Sieber