Ranking the Super Bowl’s Top 5 Animal Ads: From the Cuddly and Cute to the Downright Strange

No Super Bowl would be complete without a few furry friends filling the screen, and this year's Big Game was no different.

The use of adorable baby animals has always been a tactic for marketers to get viewers at home swooning and talking on Twitter (see Budweiser's "Lost Dog" and "Puppy Love" ads). This year had more than its fair share of fluff balls, most notably Heinz's stampede of wiener dogs dressed as hot dogs. It also had some downright strange animals doing some even stranger things—like Mountain Dew's bizarre combination of a puppy, a baby and a monkey.

Here's a look at the top five animals from Super Bowl 50 commercials that had people talking, for better or for worse.


Marmot’s Very Own Marmot

The cuddly marmot mascot featured in outdoor retail apparel company Marmot's Super Bowl spot was heavy on the cute and equally heavy on the weird. Fans might have loved the little creature dressed in his favorite outdoor apparel, exploring the wilderness, but things get weird pretty quickly when his human companion tries to make an unsolicited move on said marmot. An extended version of the ad was posted online, in which things get even more uncomfortable. Did someone say bestiality?


Doritos’ Incognito Dogs

One of Doritos' last Crash the Super Bowl winners (the other was a spot about a woman getting an ultrasound) featured three dogs hungry for chips. The trio are willing to do anything to get their paws on a bag, including dressing up as a person. The silly nature of the ad got viewers laughing and garnered some positive attention for the brand on Twitter and Facebook. While Doritos had two spots running in the game, it was the second most mentioned brand behind Esurance during the Big Game, per Amobee Brand Intelligence. 


Honda’s Singing Sheep

Super Bowl watchers are accustomed to seeing some weird things, but sheep touting new technology in a Honda pickup truck while belting out Queen's "Somebody to Love" is a new one. The singing sheep seemed to be a crowd pleaser, with people calling it one of their favorite ads of the night. Here's hoping for a forest filled with singing sloths for 2017's Big Game.


Mountain Dew’s #puppymonkeybaby

You may have thought "Hey, that's kind of cute," when you saw Mountain Dew's puppymonkeybaby. Or maybe you thought, "Oh dear God, what is that?!" Either way, the three-species creation was trending on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram throughout the game—the ad garnered Mountain Dew over 68,000 mentions, per Amobee Brand Intelligence, one of the highest for brands last night. Some said it was memorable, some loved it. Then there were those who said #puppymonkeybaby would haunt their dreams for years to come. Either way, viewers couldn't stop talking about the butt shaking, Mountain Dew-drinking creation.


Heinz’s Wiener Stampede

Probably the most fur-filled ad, and definitely one of the most memorable, Heinz took the nation's love of a dog commercial and injected it with just the right amount of weird and the perfect amount of puppies. The stampede of wiener dogs, dressed in wiener costumes, running in slow motion through a field into the arms of men and women (and even a toddler) dressed as Heinz condiments stole America's heart.

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