Crystal Pepsi Is Back and Serves as a Time Machine to the ’90s in This New Spot

Fans can get it through a sweepstakes

Pepsi announced today that it will re-release its clear cola from the 1990s, Crystal Pepsi, for a limited time. The only way to get it is to sign up for a sweepstakes through the brand's loyalty program, Pepsi Pass, and 13,000 winners will score a complimentary six-pack of the transparent soda. 

Playing on consumer's love of nostalgia—and a recent trend of spots using technology to achieve a VHS-quality look—the brand released a two-minute, 30-second spot from The Barbarian Group. The video ad features a janitor who finds that one floor of his office building is still living it up in the '90s, and in that reality, Crystal Pepsi is still all the rage. 

"Fans have been asking for [Crystal Pepsi] for a while now," said Linda Lagos, director of marketing for Pepsi. "And here at Pepsi we're fans of pop culture in everything that we do. So, it was kind of a nice combination of everything, with the '90s coming back [into pop culture] and it being extremely relevant for Pepsi because of the fandom behind Crystal Pepsi itself." 

Nineties kids have a limited window to enter Pepsi's sweepstakes: It is only running from noon ET on Dec. 10 until midnight on Dec. 11. The promotion is also only available to U.S. residents. 

The set-up benefits customers who already use the Pepsi Pass, since they must have 1,000 points to enter. You can score points by entering a promotional code or by "hanging out with friends who also have Pepsi Pass, referring friends or by visiting Pepsi Pass locations," according to the brand's site. 

Winners are slated to receive the Crystal Pepsi six-packs on Dec. 24. 

Lagos said the brand is using the Crystal Pepsi reboot, which has been in the works for "many, many months," to have some fun on its social media channels, including launching teaser materials on its Instagram account.

The Crystal Pepsi sweepstakes comes on the heels of the company's Pepsi Perfect endeavor, which capitalized on its Back to the Future II product placement and turned a fictional cola into a reality. 

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