Cruzan Channels St. Croix For New Rum Bottle Design

The concept: With its sales already cruising, Cruzan Rum wanted to make its packaging look more upscale, real and self-assured. At the same time it did not want to come across as superficial or pretentious. The new look needed to tell the story of 250 years of rum craftsmanship, eight generations of family dedication and the warm and vibrant spirit of the Caribbean island of St. Croix. The rallying cry for the redesign was “real from within.”

The challenge: To develop a solution that moved Beam Global Spirits & Wine’s Cruzan from a generic, second-tier rum. It needed to communicate to the differing market needs of consumers in the United States and Spain, as well as the broader international marketplace. Finally, the brand didn’t want to steer too far away from its original feel because sales shot up 24% to 575,000 cases sold last year, per Impact.

The back story: Cruzan was popular for its flavored rums in the U.S., where quality had not historically been a driver of choice, and in Spain, where consumers were looking for a higher quality rum to drink straight up. “Many brands in the market focus on the ‘party’ lifestyle and little on the product,” said Eric Zeitoun, president of Dragon Rouge, the design agency that was hired to handle the redux. “With rum drinkers seeking a more premium and authentic offer for more relaxed social occasions, Cruzan, being one of the most awarded rums in the world, had an opportunity to fill this gap in the market.”

The research: In order to develop the initial concepts, the Dragon Rouge team observed everyone that came into contact with the brand