Crown Royal Launches Broadband Site

NEW YORK Crown Royal has begun its own branded Web video network, featuring lifestyle and entertainment content.

Crown Royal TV carries about two hours of original programming, including channels devoted to car and horse racing, celebrity news, and Crown Royal party and event information. New York-based Sharpleft Productions produced the video content, and New York Web shop ID Society handled site design.

By creating its own video destination, Crown Royal can connect with its consumers and offer compelling content, explained Mike Fernandez, senior brand manager for Crown Royal at Diageo.

“It all stemmed from wanting to provide the consumer with a wealth of experiences, and we couldn’t do that with traditional advertising,” he said.

The Web video site also allows Crown Royal to capitalize on events it holds, such as those at the Nextel Cup and Kentucky Derby, by putting video online to broaden their impact, Fernandez said.

“The Internet provides us the luxury of time and real estate,” he said.

Crown Royal is promoting the broadband site with banners on the Crown Royal Web site and through its e-mail list.