Crosby’s Bills of Health Pay Off

Medical Care Provider Favors Category Pro
ATLANTA–Interim HealthCare, a home medical and supplemental staffing company, has moved its advertising account from Miami’s Crispin Porter & Bogusky to Crosby Marketing Communications in Annapolis, Md.
Crispin Porter & Bogusky did not defend the business.
According to agency executive vice president Raymond Crosby, the account is projected to bill $2 million in the coming year. Sources said other finalists in the review included Tinsley Advertising in Miami and Caldwell Van Riper in Indianapolis.
Crosby Marketing Communications was invited into the pitch based on its experience in the field of healthcare advertising and marketing. Prior to being signed by Interim, the agency has worked with Kaiser Permanente, HealthCare Financial Partners and Summerville Healthcare Group, among others.
“They were familiar with some of the work we had done,” said Crosby. “When the field was cut to three agencies, we did a series of strategic and creative presentations in the final round. A large part of that was helping them identify who the client should be talking to.”
Pointing to decreased reimbursements from Medicare, Crosby said the home health business has seen numerous companies leave the field. The fact that Interim has not relied so heavily on Medicare has allowed it to remain competitive.
The thrust of the advertising will be aimed at people like hospital discharge planners, managed care organizations and others who influence home healthcare decisions.
–Jim Osterma