Cronin/Wallwork Curry Joins Keurig Brew Crew

BOSTON Cronin/Wallwork Curry will create advertising to help introduce a new single-cup brewing product for Keurig Premium Coffee Systems.

The Boston agency, a part of Glastonbury, Conn.-based independent Cronin & Co., picked up the account following a review.

The shop will create an integrated communications program that will include direct marketing, interactive, sales promotion and an ad campaign slated to launch this summer.

“It’s an upscale, real coffee lover’s product that fits in with the ‘home brand’ category with a lot of our clients,” said agency executive creative director Jack Wallwork.

Keurig, based in Wakefield, Mass., provides offices and food-service locations one cup at a time in 30 seconds. Machines are available in sizes appropriate for large and small offices. The company wants to expand its product line with a more compact machine marketed to consumers for brewing in their homes.

Leading the effort will be agency principals and creative directors Bob Curry and Jack Wallwork and management supervisor Jim Rowean, all in Boston. Dan Weingrod and David Katz, who head the agency’s digital and direct units in Glastonbury, will also be part of the effort.

Keurig spent just under $5 million on media advertising in 2001, the latest year for which spending was available, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. In recent years, it has worked with Boston-area shops including Matzell Richard & Watts and Groppi Advertising.