Cronin Tells Story of ‘Renewal’

Hospital Ads Turn on Adman’s Recovery
BOSTON–The tables will be turned later this summer when John Riccio steps out of his role as vice chairman of Cronin & Co. to star in an upcoming broadcast and print campaign for Hartford Hospital.
Riccio, who underwent bypass surgery at Hartford Hospital and six weeks later was back to daily 15-mile bike rides, plays himself in the testimonial-style ads.
“Usually I’m on the other side of the camera,” said Riccio, who in late May lived out his dream of biking through Italy. A TV spot featuring Riccio’s post-surgery bike trip will begin airing Sept. 7 in Hartford. The ad, along with corresponding print and radio executions, carries the tagline, “Renewing lives. Hartford Hospital.”
“Sometimes you don’t have to look farther than your own nose for a great idea,” said Kimberly Manning, senior vice president at the Glastonbury, Conn., shop. She said the ads are part of a long-term branding effort to maintain the hospital’s dominance in an increasingly competitive environment.