Cronin, Others Take On Issue Of Child Abuse

Cronin & Co. has formed a public-private partnership committed to developing marketing messages aimed at preventing child abuse.
In addition to a 30-second TV commercial originally created for the United Way of Pioneer Valley, Cronin crafted a logo, a 60-second radio spot and a bilingual brochure that aims to educate individuals on how to handle child abuse in public places and where to go for help. The logo will grace the agency’s letterhead by the end of the year, according to Cronin representative Patti Stern.
Allies of the Glastonbury, Conn.-based shop in the Partnership to Prevent Child Abuse include McDonald’s, the Connecticut Center for Prevention of Child Abuse at Wheeler Clinic, the Children’s Trust Fund, the American Academy of Pediatrics and several state agencies.
Contributions from various members of the partnership include forming distribution channels for the brochure, conducting a statewide survey on child abuse prevention and staffing a telephone hotline.
The brochure will be distributed through local health departments and pediatricians’ offices as well as some 130 McDonald’s throughout Connecticut. Plans are also under way for the fast-food chain to use a tray cover during April to commemorate National Child Abuse Prevention month, Stern said.
Key in creating the TV spot was avoiding what Cronin creative director Steve Wolfberg called “compassion overload.” “There are so many child abuse campaigns that show how awful abuse is. We wanted to celebrate kids and ask, ‘Why would you think of laying a hand on them?'” Wolfberg said.
Art director Maureen Gawron created the logo, and Greg Edwards served as copywriter.