Cronin Crafts Lottery Work

The excitement of playing is the message of Cronin & Co.’s latest television effort for the Connecticut Lottery.

Set to Louis Prima’s “When You’re Smiling,” one spot features residents enjoying popular attractions around the state, such as riding a Ferris wheel, line dancing at a county fair and rollerskating along the boardwalk at New London’s Ocean Beach. Tickets for various lottery games ap pear woven into the spokes of a bicycle wheel and clipped to a car’s sun visor.

A voiceover says, “It’s a great day when you play. The Connecticut Lottery. Is this fun or what?”

The effort runs for 10 weeks on network affiliates and cable stations throughout Connecticut.

“The idea is to [convey] that the lottery is just another way of having fun,” said Steve Wolfberg, executive vice president and chief creative officer at the Glastonbury, Conn., agency. “It’s one of life’s little pleasures.”

The new work is the latest permutation of the agency’s 2-year-old “Is this fun or what?” campaign, which Cronin incorporated after research indicated play ers view the lottery as a fun activity, not only a means to get rich quickly.

Last year, the client spent $1.5 million on advertising, per CMR.

Agency creative credits include copywriter Kristen Ehrlich, art director Eric Panke and producer Lester Ayala.

Cronin has worked on the lottery account for 10 years. For 1999 spots carrying the same theme, Cronin enlisted a Los Angeles music company to perform a big-band version of “When You’re Smiling.” Those commercials featured people enjoying everyday situations.

Prior lottery spots crafted by Cronin carried the tag, “You can’t win if you don’t play.”

The agency has also created radio ads for the lottery’s scratch cam paign and a television public-service announcement highlighting the lottery’s past financial contributions to the community, most notably to public education.