Cronin Breaks NYCE Campaign

Cronin & Co.’s latest work for NYCE Corp. promotes the brand in the Midwest following the client’s purchase of electronic payment company Magic Line.
A breaking 30-second TV spot titled “Now this is NYCE” features two young, fashionably dressed women tooling around town in a convertible, using their NYCE-bran-ded ATM cards at retail outlets along the way.
Literally everything they see in shop windows they find “nice”–or rather, “NYCE”–enough to buy. At the close of the spot, their car laden with purchases, the women pull up next to a couple of men on a similar spree. The spot, set to synthesized music, includes the line: “It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s NYCE.” But there is no true tag.
The brand’s name is heard 13 times, said Steve Wolfberg, creative director of Cronin in Glastonbury, Conn. “That’s the fun of it,” he said.
As for the similarity to Volkswagen of America’s “Sunday Afternoon” spot from Arnold Communications, Boston, Wolfberg noted, “When you put two people in a car [in an ad], you can’t get away from that.”
Ads will run for the next eight weeks, mainly in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. The effort may be unveiled in Northeastern markets later this year, said client official Cheryl Calo. K