CRIME: Turning a plaintive song about familial

CRIME: Turning a plaintive song about familial pain into a celebration of corporate greed. EVIDENCE: Perhaps the most terrible/great video ever to emerge from a corporate meeting. Ethan Chandler (vocals) and Jim DeBois (guitar) deliver a passionate cover of U2’s “One,” rewritten as “One Bank” to motivate a pack of sales drones following MBNA’s merger with Bank of America. Leaked to YouTube, it shocked and scared people everywhere. The Wall Street Journal used it as a springboard to suggest what you shouldn’t do at work (and quoted “an expert on empathetic embarrassment”). Modest Mouse covered it. Chandler himself was ambivalent about it. “I enjoy working at Bank of America and I am passionate about music,” he told the Journal, “but I plan to keep them separate from here forward.” READERS’ VERDICT: “I showed my daughter. And she cried. Uncontrollably. For those two guys. For their company. For America. What do I tell her now?” “I just vomited a little in my mouth.” “Bankers sing, some idiot steals my identity.” “I’ve just changed my views on capital punishment.” “He sounds really good. I hate to say it, but he does.”