CRIME: Telling the whole world about your staff’s

CRIME: Telling the whole world about your staff’s bathroom issues. EVIDENCE: What do you do if an unknown and clearly distressed employee is clogging the agency’s toilets? At TBWA\Chiat\Day in New York, you send a strongly worded e-mail to the entire agency. We have “a genius who feels compelled to stuff the mens’ room toilet bowls with paper towels, and now has moved on to newspaper,” read the all-staff memo, which was promptly leaked to AdFreak. “I’m hopeful that the person responsible will cease this stupidity immediately. If not, we’ll do our best to find out who you are and ensure you’re stuffing toilets at some other company.” To our knowledge, the evildoer was never caught or punished. READERS’ VERDICT: “Someone clogged our agency’s toilet with paper towels just yesterday. Massive, disgusting flooding ensued. Apparently, there is a serial toilet clogger on the loose at ad agencies.” “I think it’s funny. You don’t like my joke?” “It’s called brainstorming.”