CRIME: Confusing tabloid readers everywhere with

CRIME: Confusing tabloid readers everywhere with an imaginary celebrity couple. EVIDENCE: He’s been lording it over the competition for years, and while he may be getting overexposed, people still have a lurid fascination for everything he does. But enough about Alex Bogusky. Let’s talk about the King: the creepy, plastic-faced, resilient Burger King ruler. This year, Crispin Porter + Bogusky gave him a hot girlfriend, Brooke Burke. Celebrity blogs, to their credit or shame, dutifully followed the developments, which were scripted perfectly. After four months of dating and several waves of paparazzi pics, the couple split. READERS’ VERDICT: “What good is having people talk about you if all they are saying is how much you creep them out?” “So when is their secret bedroom footage coming out on DVD?”