CRIME: Building a brand around a group of evil

CRIME: Building a brand around a group of evil neon sun people. EVIDENCE: You thought the buzzer on your alarm clock was jarring. Imagine waking up to a band of insane, glowing-yellow interlopers from hell who dance in from the eastern sky at dawn, break into your house, sneak up on you while you’re sleeping and belt out a super-happy song about happy mornings. “Wake up, you sleepy head/You can sleep when you are dead!” these creatures sing gleefully—an unusual and frightful thing to point out in a TV spot. Saatchi & Saatchi gets points for originality, but the natural viewer response might be to avoid Folgers at all costs and notify law enforcement. READERS’ VERDICT: “That commercial seriously rattled me, and after writing about hip-hop for years, it’s hard to shake me up!” “If I had a reason not to buy Folgers, in addition to the fact that it tastes like ass, this is it.”