Gráfica is launching a new TV spot for the New Jersey Office of Insurance Fraud Prosecutor that shows how scary getting caught for insurance fraud can be.

The Chester, N.J., shop’s commercial, which breaks today, shows a felon pondering his plight after being nabbed. Images of him being handcuffed and standing in a police lineup flash across the screen.

“How did they find out?” he wonders. “It’s not like I robbed a bank. … What could they do, send me to jail?”

Well, yeah.

Insurance fraud is a serious crime, the voiceover cautions. The tagline: “Don’t do it, don’t tolerate it.” A phone number you can call to report suspects is shown.

“We wanted to have a very edgy, gritty feel,” said Jon Harcharek, creative director at the shop. He said the spot’s added focus on deterring future crime differs from last year’s effort for the Lawrenceville, N.J., client, which promoted turning in fraud suspects.

The ad, part of a campaign that includes radio and billboard advertising, is running on New Jersey cable and spot TV.

Joe Pugliese