CREATIVE WORTH a thousand words

Before the pitch meeting, the box seats and the parties in the Hamptons comes the agency credentials book. It’s the baby step in what could become a successful brand-building relationship for both the client and the shop.

The Lord Group’s new credentials book, Uncommon Sense, positions the shop’s vision of the future and its “unorthodox” creative heritage in a highly visual way.

“The book captures the new spirit of The Lord Group,” said Roger Chiocchi, president and COO of the New York-based shop. “That spirit is best articulated in our positioning of Uncommon Sense, which we define as ‘Using unconventional wisdom to deliver unexpected results.’ “

The cover states: “Common sense tells us it’s better to be safe than sorry.” Turn the page and the word “sorry” is all you see. After that, the words “uncommon sense” appear next to photos of past work—from the teary-eyed American In d ian in the “Keep America Beautiful” campaign to the talking coffee bean for Chockful O’ Nuts. Pithy slogans punctuate the colorful tome throughout.

The book is being sent to prospective clients.