Creative Focus: History

Cigarette advertising has enjoyed an eclectic past but faces a precarious future. Ads have come a long way since the days when Lucky Strikes touted “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet.” Detractors would simply like them to go away.
1929 Lucky Strike: Introduced in 1916, Lucky targets women by using the promise of weight loss.
1935 camel: The first modern cigarette brand, Camel uses endorsements to show that smoking is not a health risk.
Early ’50s: Lesser of two evils: Cigarette companies try to outdo each other’s health benefit claims.
Late ’50s: Moving away from a discussion of health issues, cigarette advertisers shift their focus to image and lifestyle. Here: Marlboro, Pall Mall and Salem boast cigarettes as part of the good life.
Modern Joe: Joe Camel made his first appearance in a French poster campaign in 1974. Resurrected a decade later, Joe was recently retired from his media run following criticism that he encouraged teenagers to smoke.