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Lowell Assembles Team, Directs Nationwide Branding Efforts for 2 Maxwell Shoe Lines
BOSTON–In a pair of upcoming print campaigns, Maxwell Shoe Co. strives to sharpen the brand identities of Sam & Libby and Mootsies Tootsies.
Both efforts were developed by Town Green, a creative boutique in Weston, Mass. Cleveland Communications in Boston handled media duties.
Spending for the two national campaigns is about $2 million apiece, said Kelly Lowell of Lowell & Co., a marketing consulting firm in South Natick, Mass. A former advertising director at Reebok International, Lowell worked closely with Town Green and Cleveland Communications, overseeing the development of both campaigns.
In a series of subdued black-and-white executions reintroducing Sam & Libby shoes to teenage girls and young women, the namesake characters are portrayed as 20-something yuppies with a heightened “interest” in casual footwear.
The ads carry the tagline, “Sam & Libby. A most interesting pair.” Said M.L. Hedison, the founder of Town Green who wrote the ads, the tagline “reflects the styling of the shoes but also makes an unmistakable connection to the Sam & Libby name.” Hedison teamed with freelance art director Nancy Wovers.
In one execution, titled “Sam and Libby negotiating a peace agreement,” the couple sits poised in earnest conversation. Another ad has them “Putting down roots” as they walk through a greenhouse.
Hedison and Wovers also created the Mootsies Tootsies effort, which targets 25-34-year-old women. One execution shows a spring flower in a vase, leaning toward a woman’s shoe. The headline: “Shoes you’ll be drawn to.” The ads have no tagline.
Both the Sam & Libby and Mootsies Tootsies campaigns are set to break in May issues of consumer magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Mademoiselle, People and Glamour.
Although somewhat different stylistically, the two efforts are similar in their uncluttered art direction and attempts to convey simple, direct branding messages with minimal text. “We are committed to presenting a unified look in all our marketing efforts,” said Mark Cocozza, an official at Maxwell Shoe in Boston.
Lowell first met Hedison nearly a decade ago when the latter worked as a copywriter at Chiat/Day on the Reebok account, which Lowell oversaw. Hedison has worked as a freelancer for about seven years and established Town Green last October.
Lowell & Co. was formed earlier this year. Its mission is to bring together clients that have budgets in the low seven-figure range with freelance talent for national campaigns.

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