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THEN AND NOWBorn for the Road

When DDB, New York, won Michelin in the early ’80s, it had to find a way to distinguish its work from the “treads and threads” advertising that dominated the tire category.

The answer was to highlight emotional reasons people should pay more for Michelin. One ad showed a tot playing by a tire as her parents come to the realization that Dad’s work car isn’t the only one that deserves Michelins. Thus the baby campaign was born, along with the tagline “Because so much is riding on your tires.” The campaign has legs, says Meredith Ruckh, management supervisor at DDB, because it can build the brand as well as sell particular products.

The latest spot broke last week, touting Michelin’s awards from J.D. Power and Associates. In it, a baby celebrates the honor by swinging a tire like a hula hoop.

‘Whassup?’ Wins Grandy

NEW YORK—DDB Chicago’s “Whassup?” campaign continued its strut through the awards shows last week, winning the $50,000 Grandy at the International Andy Awards here, sponsored by the Advertising Club of New York.

Emcees Andy Berlin of Berlin Cameron & Partners and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners’ Jeff Goodby and Rich Silver stein (who also served as jury chairmen) ignored the script in favor of varyingly successful ad-libs during the presentation of 22 Andys to 13 agencies.

Goodby won the most Andys, seven, for work including Hewlett-Packard’s digital soundtrack for a New York street, SBC’s neighborhood Web hogs and E*Trade’s Super Bowl spots. Arnold won three Andys for Volkswagen TV and print ads. Cliff Freeman and Partners took two Andys for Fox Sports ads depicting NBA wannabes and weird sports from abroad.

Other winners included Butler, Shine & Stern, Sausalito, Calif., for a ad in which a woman uses the site’s catalog to slap her husband into action; and Fallon, Minneapolis, for a PBS campaign showing a man who makes a flip-book movie from photo-booth pictures. The four winners from outside the U.S. included Leo Burnett, London, for an outdoor ad showing fishing tackle floating in the top of a John West can; and WCRS, London, for a spoof in which a Land Rover is released into the wild.

‘Whassup?’ Wins Grandy Taking the ‘Truth’ to Work Absolutely FabulousPeople

Taking the ‘Truth’ to Work

The “Truth” anti-smoking campaign employed a novel approach to the national Take Our Daughters to Work Day this year. A newspaper ad from Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami asked, “On Take Your Daughter to Work Day, would you?” Running last Thursday in major tobacco companies’ hometown markets such as New York, Louisville, Ky., Richmond, Va., and Raleigh, N.C., the ad read, “Today 3,000 young people will start smoking. 1,200 people will die from tobacco, and someone somewhere will decide they’ve had enough of working for the tobacco industry.” An 800 number was included for tobacco employees to call and announce their resignation.

U.S. agencies failed to earn the top prizes at the third annual International Food and Beverage Creative Excellence awards in London last week. Winners of the FABulous awards, given to the best ads in each medium, included BMP DDB in London for a Marmite TV spot in which a man knowingly washes down his Marmite-covered toast with sour milk, illustrating the tagline, “Either you love it or you hate it.” An ad for SMP-PSL from Advico Young & Rubicam, Zurich, Switzerland, topped the print category by asserting that milk is “the natural high” and showing a hip cow at an outdoor festival. Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Young & Rubicam, London, won for a Toblerone poster campaign showing people with triangular objects poking the insides of their cheeks. Other FABulous winners included Pentagram, London, for a Wistbray tea package design; and Springtime, Stockholm, Sweden, for an Absolut new-media campaign. Out of the 1,440 total entrants this year, U.S. agencies won two of the 26 FAB awards, given to the best ads in each product category: DDB Chicago for Budweiser’s “Wasabi” spot and Young & Rubicam, New York, for its Orlando Jones 7-Up campaign. Jones’ performance earned a special acting FAB award as well. Cheryl Berman, chairman and chief creative officer of Leo Burnett, served as chairperson of the print, poster, commercials and radio jury.

Eisner Communications in Baltimore hired Donna Schoch-Spana as associate creative director. Previously she worked at Doner Direct as a senior producer. Her other industry stints include work at Earle Palmer Brown Atlanta/Tampa. … In Charlotte, N.C., Mona Fitzgerald joined Anderson Communications Group as senior art director. She owned Fitzgerald Design in Houston for 16 years. … Brad Gilmore joined the Bergman Group in Richmond, Va., as associate creative director. He comes from The Martin Agency in Richmond. … Tracey Ellegiers was hired as associate creative director at Magic Pencil Studios in Orlando, Fla.