Creative: Bozell Debuts Caesars Spots

Only Pizza! Pizza! Remains
By Tanya Gazdik
Talking pizzas take center stage in Bozell Worldwide’s first creative effort for Little Caesars since landing the $40 million pizza business last April. Don’t look for Cliff Freeman’s exaggerated visual humor here. In this new campaign, product carries the show.
Two new spots, promoting two pizzas with three toppings each for $10.99, feature a couple of verbose pizzas flaunting their flavorful extras.
Taking the pizzas’ point of view, one spot “Mutual Admiration” shows two pies smothering each other in compliments about their respective toppings. The camera bounces back and forth between them during the dialogue.
In another, called “Home Movie,” the pizzas view a demonstration video in a classroom of Little Caesars employees. Watching a pizza being made, they reminisce about their beginnings as little balls of dough. As one pizza starts to get choked up, the other asks if it is crying. “No, it’s the onion,” the emotional one replies.
The new campaign aims to maintain the retailer’s fun image, while placing more emphasis on the product, says Gary Topolewski, chief creative officer at Bozell. “In the past, they’ve had the point of view of many people experiencing their product. We’ve flipped it around,” he says. “We call it PPOV, pizza point of view. It could lead to some very interesting situations, anything creative that you can imagine where pizzas may end up and how they would react to their situation. It’s a fun idea.”
Bozell’s challenge was to build on the creative legacy established by Little Caesars’ previous agency, Cliff Freeman and Partners, which had handled the account since 1986 and won numerous accolades for its work.
“The past was fantastic, but we’re on a whole new track now,” says Topolewski. “That was then, this is now.”
Bozell’s ads continue to use the Pizza!
Pizza! tagline. Direct mail includes a guarantee: “If it’s not right, we’ll take the bite!,” which could be featured in ads in the future, says Topolewski. Both TV and direct mail note that the pizzas are made with “our famous authentic 1959 recipe.”
Agency: Bozell Worldwide, Southfield, Mich. Client: Little Caesars, Detroit
CDs: Gary Topolewski, Rob Elliott Copywriters: David Shih, Mark Simon Art
Directors: Paul Szary, Tim Teegarden Prod. Co.: Tool of North America, Santa Monica, Calif. Director: Scott Burns
Editor: Hank Polonsky