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The Best Spots section is compiled by Mark Lang.

Grady & Son Steakhouse is a culinary hit, thanks to its tangy marinade. But Grady the Younger blows the gig–A1 is the secret–and dear old dad changes the restaurant’s name to Grady & Daughter.
Title: Grady & Son
Agency: McCann-Erickson, New York
Creative director: Jonathan Cranin
Art director: Dan Miyahara
Copywriter: Peter Jones
Agency producer: Kathy Love
Production co.: Straw Dogs
Director: Jesse Dylan
Editor David Koza, MacKenzie Cutler
Music: Rocket Music

Remember that sad day seven years ago when Magic Johnson announced he was HIV positive? Remember how advertisers dropped the guy like a hot potato? Well, he’s back in a major campaign and it’s about time. With home movies and video clips of Magic growing up, this spot tells how he helped transform the NBA into the national pastime. Says Johnson: “The great thing about life is, you never know what you might want to do next.” Magic, may you have many more “nexts.”
Title: Magic Johnson
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New York
Chief creative officer: Rick Boyko
Creative director: Michael Ward
Art director: Rick Knief
Copywriter: Jim Anderson
Agency producer: Brendan O’Malley
Music producer: Lisa Kirchner
Production co.: Lovinger/Cohn
Director: Jeff Lovinger
Editor: Chris Franklin, Big Sky

This laugh-out-loud ad introduces the world to Floyd, a spiky-haired, bubble-blowing, nose-ring-wearing duck. A dancing fool, Floyd shakes his booty, moonwalks and does the funky chicken. Memo to Louie the lizard: There’s a new spokesdude in town.
Title: Floyd “D” Duck
Agency: North Castle Partners, Stamford, Conn.
Creative director: Jon Iafeliece
Art director: Ed McCabe
Copywriter: Doug Tenaglia
Agency producer: Jack Blandford
Production co.: Rhythm & Hues
Director: Clark Anderson
Editor: Nate Hubbard
Music: Marshall Grantham, Russo Grantham

Parodying the De Beers campaign, this spot replaces diamonds with chicken crisp sandwiches. What fast food lurks in the minds of men? Only the shadow knows.
Title: Gift
Agency: Ammirati Puris Lintas, New York
Co-CDs: Mark Johnson, Tom Nelson
GCD/art director: Clem McCarthy
GCD/copywriter: Jonathan Mandell
Art directors: Glenn Price, Kevin Kearns
Copywriters: Tom Kraemer, Paul Spencer
Agency producer: Marcy Sansolo
Production co.: Steve & Linda Horn Productions
Director: Steve Horn
Editor: Craig Warnick, Mad House
Music: Elias Associates

In this graphic ad, a basketball player snaps her ankle, a cyclist pops a disc, a blader cracks her wrist, a weightlifter blows out his knee and a baseball player dislocates his shoulder. Cool.
Title: Weekend Warriors
Agency/production co.: Time Warner CityCable Advertising, New York
Art director: Jeff Young
Copywriter/director: Mark Clark
Executive producer: Elaine Gold
Editor: Joe Castellano, Creative Group Editorial
Music: Chuck Lovejoy, Sacred Noise

Everyone has a different finish line, claims this interesting ad. “Just one goal,” says a young soccer player. “College junior college,” says a kid shooting hoops. “Four-minute mile,” says a track star. Elite athlete or kid next door, each goal is personal–and important.
Title: Different Voices
Agency: The Heavyweights, Indianapolis
CD/copywriter: Joseph Mahler
Art director: Kelly Sherman
Copywriter: Kevin Flynn
Agency producer: Kent Smith
Production co.: Hamad Films
Director: Ron Hamad
Animation: Bazooka
Music: Chicago Music Works

In this kinetic spot, young people jump, jive and wail. The energy is electric, and it’s hard not to watch the dancers swing to the music. Almost makes Best Spots want to hit the floor. Care to dance?
Title: Khakis Swing
Agency: In-house
Creative director: Lisa Prisco
Art director: Carl Byrd
Account manager: Hillary Rush
Agency producer: Leigh Donaldson
Production co.: Venus/HSI
Director: Pate Brothers
Editor: Dustin Robertson
Music: Louis Prina

“There is a war going on,” says the serious-sounding VO, “and the battlefield is your yard.” Home Depot bails out the troops–literally. Parachuting lawn mowers, chain saws and hedge clippers float down from the sky. But where are the weed whackers?
Title: Depot Drop
Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas
Creative director: Gary Gibson
Art director: Mike Gustafson
Copywriter: Mike Fisher
Agency producer: Sherri Cartwright
Production co.: Momentum Films
Director: E.J. Foerster
Editor: Chris Gernon, Mojo L.A.
Music: Groove Addicts

In a cute role reversal, mom is playing stickball and refuses to come in for dinner. The young son has to bribe her with a bucket of KFC. “If you clean your plate,” he says, “you can go out after dinner.” Hope everyone had a happy Mother’s Day.
Title: Stickball
Agency: Young & Rubicam, New York
ECDs: Manny Perez, Peter Murphy
CDs: Chris Grabenstein, John Lucci
Art director: Richard Goldstein
Copywriter: Charles Bromley
Agency producers: Susan Chiafullo, Toni Lipari
Music producer: Steve McCabe
Production co.: Backyard Productions
Director: Rob Pritts
Editor: Rob Tortoriello, Mad House

As a guy tapes up an old refrigerator filled with beer, the VO spouts, “The High Life man knows if the pharaohs had duct tape, the Sphinx would still have a nose.” No, this is not the work of Dick. Could he have a brother named Dirk?
Title: Duct Tape
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore.
Creative directors: Dan Wieden, Susan Hoffman
Art director: Jeff Williams
Copywriter: Jeff Kling
Agency producer: Jeff Selis
Production co.: radical media
Director: Errol Morris
Editor: Angus Wall, Rock, Paper, Scissors

Although Best Spots is Titanic’d out, this ad works. Two goofball fishermen–Deliverance wannabes–smash into an iceberg on Trophy Lake. “Need new fishing gear?” asks the voiceover. NAPA’s the place. One thing’s for sure: That Styrofoam ice cube didn’t cost $200 million.
Title: Iceberg
Agency: WestWayne, Atlanta
Creative director: Roy Trimble
Art director: Gene Powers
Copywriter: Andrew Payton
Agency producer: Todd Johnson
Production co.: Circus Maximus
Director: Lisa Rubisch
Editor: Anne Husaini, Click 3XS
Music: Acoustech

To kill time between flights, members of the Brazilian soccer team play keep away from airport security. The game flows through the passenger terminal and baggage claim, onto the tarmac and back into the terminal, where a player shoots for the “goal.” His shot hits the “post,” disappointing the gathering fans. A G-rated ad debut for action director John Woo.
Title: Airport ’98
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore.
Creative director: Dan Wieden
Art director: John Boiler
Copywriter: Glenn Cole
Agency producer: Charles Wolford
Production co.: A Band Apart.35mm
Director: John Woo
Editor: Russell Icke, White House
Music: Ren Klyce, Mit Out Sound

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy’s parents. Boy says he couldn’t make the garlic-shrimp dinner without Pam. Girl’s name is Jill. Uh oh. (FYI, Pam: A gay couple would have been funnier.)
Title: Jill
Agency: Young & Rubicam, New York
GCD: James Caporimo
ACD/copywriter: Kevin Browne
ACD/art director: Kat Keeley
Creative director: Bob Murphy
Senior producer: Marlene Bartos
Production co.: Celsius Films
Director: Mark Tiedemann
Editor: Jerry Fried, Red Car

“They sprayed us good, huh, Hank?” says the cuddly dandelion. But Hank has been offed, and Dandy Andy can’t feel his roots. The tagline: “No mercy. No pity. No weeds.” Talk about a weed whacker.
Title: Wounded Weeds
Agency: BBDO West, Los Angeles
ACD/copywriter: John Hage
Art director: Melinda Kanipe
Executive producer: Jackie Vidor
Producer: Kathy McGoff
Production co.: The End
Director: Quay Brothers
Editor: Simone Laurire, Lexington Post
Music: Garron Chang, Elias Music

Playing ice hockey, kids fire their lunch, packed in plastic containers, at a goalie friend. First, lime jello. Then, spaghetti. Both items explode on his chest. Next, chocolate pudding. But it’s in a Rubbermaid container, and the lid stays tight. Flying like a puck, the pudding beats the goalie low, on the stick side. Can you say Mike Richter of the New York Rangers?
Title: Hockey Puck
Agency: Martin/Williams, Minneapolis
Creative director: Lyle Wedemeyer
Art director: Wendy Hansen
Copywriter: Jan Pettit
Agency producer: Eman Zohdy
Production co.: Visitor
Director: Dave Merhar
Editor: Scott Ferril, Chop Shop
Music: Wow & Flutter

“The ol’ Jamie Moyer changeup,” says Mariners catcher Dan Wilson about the slooooooooow pitch heading to home plate. “You going to swing at it?” “I don’t know,” says the Indians hitter. “It looks a little high.” “Looks pretty good to me. Have you tried the new seafood place downtown?” asks Wilson, taking off his mask. “Quiet, man” says the batter, “I’m trying to concentrate.” “Oh, man. You gotta swing at that.” He doesn’t. Strike three. What a concept–baseball as fun.
Title: Killer Changeup
Agency: Copacino Creative, Seattle
CD/copywriter: Jim Copacino
Art director: Lonnie Weis
Copywriter: Steve Cunetta
Agency producer: Sue Mowrer
Production co.: Blue Goose
Director: Ron Gross
Editor: Pinnacle Productions/Slice Editorial
Sound: Vince Werner, Clatter & Din

This ad travels to a Southern schoolroom, where a student can’t figure out 29 + 14. The teacher sends her to the “giant Snapple abacus,” which helps the girl solve the equation. Betcha Wendy could do the math.
Title: Abacus
Agency: Deutsch, New York
ECD: Kathy Delaney
ACD/Copywriter: Cheryl Van Ooyen
Senior art director: Matt Myers
Agency producer: Cheri Anderson
Production co.: Tate & Partners
Director: Baker Smith
Editor: Ian MacKenzie, MacKenzie Cutler

“The taco rebellion is sweeping the land,” says the voiceover. And the new Gorditas taco is sating the cheering masses. Finally, the “glorious leader” steps up to the microphone: “Viva Gorditas,” says the chihuahua, wearing a black beret.
Title: Viva Gorditas
Agency: TBWA Chiat/Day, Venice, Calif.
CDs: Chuck Bennett, Clay Williams
Art directors: Ro Rao, Bernie O’Dowd
Copywriters: Kathy Hepinstall, Chris Ribeiro
Agency producers: Lora Schulson, Nancy Dickerson
Assistant producer: Karen Scott
Production co.: Morton Jankel Zander
Director: Rocky Morton
Editor: Jim Haygood, Superior Assembly
Music: Elias Associates

Apart from having the good taste to use The Rascals’ “Beautiful Morning” as background music, this ad has a splashy mosaic effect. “Taste how it all comes together,” says the voiceover. After giving up coffee for Lent–after 40 days and nights of bottled water–Best Spots is proud to say: “Venti, please!”
Title: Mosaic
Agency: McCann-Erickson, Los Angeles
CD/copywriter: Peter Serchuk
Art director: Peter Kempson
Copywriter: Peter Brown
Agency producer: Paulette Osterhage
Production co.: R/Greenberg & Associates
Director: Sebastian Cramer
Editor: Brendan Werner
Music: The Rascals

With salad dressing flowing like a spring freshet, this spot is an animated marinade tutorial. Pour, cook and enjoy are the instructions, and the simple yet vibrant drawing makes the mouth water. It’s good to be a carnivore.
Title: Marinade
Agency: Ammirati Puris Lintas, New York
Co-CDs: Mark Johnson, Tom Nelson
GCDs: Stan Block, Cary Lemkowitz
Art director: Mark Shap
Copywriter: Sam Higgins
Agency producer: Ray Sader
Production co.: Will Vinton Studios
Director/animator: Joan Gratz
Editorial: First Edition
Music: Wojahn Brothers