Creative Awards

Grand Clio TV, 1 Gold
Revista E’Poca, “The Week”
W/Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil

Images of various people are paired with calendar graphics and supers explaining how each person measures a week: “To the prisoner, 7 days less. To the sick, 7 days more.”

Grand Clio Print, 2 Gold, 2 Silver
Volkswagen Beetle “Fun Fur” “Snakes & Ladders” “Desperate Dan”
BMP DDB, London

Under Beetle-shaped cutouts, copy reads, “Fun on the outside, serious underneath.”

1 Gold
Fox Sports “Baby” “Nature Channel” “Milk”
Cliff Freeman and Partners, New York

They catch their loved ones in embarrassing sexual situations, but the only response is a sports querry. Fox Sports Geniuses game show ad muses, “If only every question were a sports question.”

1 Gold, 1 Bronze
ESPN MLB Playoffs “Pottery Class” “Pinata” “Swimming Pool”
Ground Zero, Marina del Rey, Calif.

Early in the baseball season, fans are cheery. But by October, “It’s do or die!”