Crackle’s Supermansion Will Feature A Lot of Mike’s Harder Lemonade

Beverage will be integrated in multiple episodes

Mike's Hard Lemonade is going stop-motion.

To help promote its Mike's Harder Lemonade, the beverage maker has partnered with Crackle on the streaming network's upcoming stop-motion comedy, Supermansion.

Supermansion is from Stoopid Buddy Studios–the producer of Adult Swim's Robot Chicken–and pokes fun at the current oversaturation of superheroes on film and television. Bryan Cranston stars as Titanium Rex, an aging superhero and the leader of "The League of Freedom," as they struggle to remain relevant. It also stars Seth Green, Keegan-Michael Key, Jillian Bell, and Chris Pine.

In a bit of meta-product placement, The League of Freedom, after getting their funding cut by the government, unveils a new sponsor.

Mike's Harder Lemonade will continue to show up in future episodes, such as the fourth episode, "A Shop in the Dark." Supermansion co-creator Zeb Wells explains having an episode set inside a grocery store made the integration of Mike's into this story a seamless one. They added the Mike's Harder logos in post-production, wrapping it around the stop-motion cans.

"Viewers are so savvy these days that they are going to know that there is an integration," said Wells. "Mike's Harder Lemonade really wanted to have fun with their product and our characters."

In the bit, Black Saturn (an obvious send up of Batman, complete with growl) is trying to prove how "hard" he shops by using his grappling gun to grab a case of Mike's Harder Lemonade. Later in the scene, multiple cases of Mike's Harder Lemonade are in the background and Black Saturn even hurls a can at a customer.

Supermansion debuts the first three episodes on Oct. 8, with subsequent episodes running weekly, part of Crackle's new strategy of scheduling its shows.

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