CP+B’s Disco

CP+B’s Disco Days

Minneapolis is getting its groove on thanks to a giant disco ball (six foot in diameter) going up this week on a downtown billboard. Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami created the ad for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota’s “Do” campaign, promoting physical fitness. With the help of special lights and a motor, the ball will throw out sparkling light in the area around the billboard. Copy urges passersby to get their “groove on” three times a day for 10 minutes. Was there any worry that flashes from a disco ball might cause accidents by blinded or distracted motorists? “We are testing it,” assures associate creative director/copywriter Rob Strasberg. “If it is too distracting, we’ll put a light film over the mirrors [to dim the light].”

By the Book

What do you do with that Super Bowl script that’s been sitting around for, oh, 10 years? For 86theonions founder Chad Rea, you turn it into a book. The idea—originally pitched to Taco Bell while Rea worked for Pyro, The Richards Group’s now-defunct youth marketing arm—has become The Semi-Survival Guide to the Future. The book is filled with pithy one-liners predicting the future (example: “The moment of silence will be replaced by the scream”). With illustrations by designer Anthony Burrill, the book is accompanied by two similar titles, The Truth About Nothing and Words of Finite Wisdom. He’s sent them to friends, and they’re at www.booksmarts123.com, but Rea’s goal is to sell the books in stores. “You see all these ‘words of wisdom’ books, and they’re all very nice and safe,” he says. “This is a more designy, pop-culture-oriented version.”

In Brief

Believe Media has formed a partnership with Charles Stone III’s production company, Brown Bag. Brown Bag’s directorial roster includes Stone and Maurice Marable. … A Band Apart Commercials in Los Angeles has created its first TV series, a reality show called Build or Bust for Fox TV’s Speed Channel.