CP+B, Burger King Win Grand Clio

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. Crispin Porter + Bogusky picked up the only Grand Clio awarded during the 2005 Clio Awards’ Internet, Content & Contact, Print, Design & Innovative Media gala on Monday.

The Miami-based agency scored for its Burger King Subservient Chicken campaign. The effort also picked up the two golds awarded in the Internet category and an integrated gold award.

“Subservient Chicken marks a real change in online advertising,” said Colleen DeCourcy, global executive creative director of Organic in Toronto and this year’s Internet jury chair, before the ceremony. “It’s not about high falutin’ technology. It was a single great idea, that was simple and funny.”

Altogether 16 gold, 43 silver and 94 bronze Clios were awarded during the gala.

Eight gold were awarded in the print category: Two went to Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney’s Olympus ads, one for “Dandelion” and one for the campaign “Dandelion,” “Fly,” “Lightswitch.”

Tham Khai Meng, regional executive creative director and co-chairman of Ogilvy & Mather’s Asia-Pacific office in Singapore and Print jury chair, lauded the Olympus effort, especially “Dandelion,” which shows an out-of-focus snapshot, except for a small dandelion blowing in the wind.

“It was beautifully executed and the idea was brilliant,” he said.

Almap BBDO in Sao Paulo, Brazil, also won two golds, one for a Veja magazine ad “Personality, Bin Laden,” and another for the “Personality” campaign that shows the famous faces of George W. Bush, Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein with words that are associated with them. Bush’s face, for example, is made of the words “War” and “Peace”

Leo Burnett in Sao Paulo won a gold in the print public service campaign sub-category for an ad for the Akatu Institute for Conscious Consumption. “Favela” shows a slum while copy asks if the viewer of the ad cares enough to notice if the picture is upside down.

TBWA in Paris won a gold for a Sony PlayStation2 ad, “Adultery,” showing a woman crawling around on pink pillows in the shape of Nintendo buttons.

The Miami Ad School Europe in Hamburg, Germany, picked up a student gold for a Hubba Bubba campaign. And TBWA Hunt Lascaris in Johannesburg, South Africa, took a gold for an ad for Shatterprufe SafetyGlass, “The Wildlife Expert.”

Meng said there was no grand Clio in Print this year because “although the work we saw was pretty fresh, they were all still print ads, and I think we were expecting magic [for the Grand Clio].”

In the Contact & Content category, two golds were awarded. Cole & Weber/Red Cell in Seattle won one for its Rainier Beer campaign, including a cable access show featuring two fans of the beer, as well as print, outdoor and a Web site. And CP+B won one for a short film for Virgin Atlantic, a porn spoof available on hotel pay-per-view channels, “Suite and Innocent.”

The Integrated category yielded two golds and one bronze winner. Taxi in Toronto picked up a gold for the Canada Film Center Worldwide Short Film Festival work. And CP+B won a gold for their Subservient Chicken campaign.

No golds and one silver were awarded in the Innovative Media category. LDV/Red Cell in Antwerp, Belgium, picked up the silver for a campaign for Fun Megatoys, “Concrete Mixer,” “Ferrari” and “Tank Truck,” which were lifesize versions of the automotive vehicles along with large price tags.

No gold or silver was given out in the Billboard category; seven bronzes were awarded. No golds were awarded in the Poster category; 16 bronzes and eight silvers were awarded.

In the Design category, one gold was awarded, for “Saridon: Head 3” by JWT in Shanghai, China. The ad, for headache medicine, featured a cutout silhouette of a head plastered on walls with cracks (so the heads appeared cracked).

The evening began with a spirited duo, called Fear No Ice, who appeared in white outfits and goggles and carved the Clio logo out of an ice block with chainsaws.

The Clio Awards are owned by Adweek parent company VNU. They festival concludes tomorrow with the Television & Radio awards gala and party.