Courtright, Force Are Together Again at Bozell in Chicago

CHICAGO-The egos and transience endemic to the advertising business don’t allow for many lasting creative relationships.
Bill Force and Jim Courtright, however, have never run into the “philosophical differences” that render so many teams asunder. Courtright, 44 and an art director, and Force, 52 and a copywriter, have rejoined their talents at Bozell in Chicago, their third agency partnership over almost 20 years.
“It’s like a marriage,” Courtright said. “You have to find someone you completely respect.”
Courtright most recently worked at Long Haymes Carr in Winston-Salem, N.C., while Force moves to Bozell from J. Walter Thompson in Chicago.
The pair first teamed up at Garfield-Linn in Chicago in the late 1970s. They experienced their longest run together at Eisaman, Johns & Laws, now Lois/EJL in Chicago, where they created award-winning work for clients including Canadian Club, Brunswick and Motorola. They’ve also worked together during various freelance stints.
At Bozell, their clients include the National Pork Producers Council and Superior Coffee & Foods.
Force said he’s glad to have his partner back. “What comes out of the two of us is better than what comes out individually,” he said. -Trevor Jensen