Courting Gadget-on-the-Go Lovers

ATLANTA Planet Central has launched a poster and direct mail campaign for Scottevest that uses wry humor to appeal to users of portable digital devices.

The Richmond, Va., shop said its poster for the Ketchum, Idaho-based client “accentuates both the comfort and utility of its ergonomically designed clothing line.” The print piece incorporates a photo of the Scottevest “gadget jacket” and the tagline, “Now there’s a better place to keep your gadgets.”

Steve St. Clair, creative director at Planet Central, said that the work was designed to appeal to people who carry digital devices around all day with no place to store them. “The target of this campaign is the gadget lover who can’t leave home without his cell phone, personal data assistant, headphones and MP3 player,” he said. “Our goal was to position Scottevest as a stylish and comfortable alternative.”

The mailer’s photograph pictures a man in jeans with a suspicious bulge that appears to be a digital product of some sort. An insert photo of the Scottevest shows some of its 42 pockets, as well as possible uses for them. The tag completes the mail piece.

Another goal of the campaign, according to the client, is to create awareness about Scottevest “technology-enabled clothing.” Scott Jordan, chief executive officer at Scottevest, said that he developed the garments to allow wearers to connect electronic devices, such as PDAs and cell phones to clothing pockets and accessories.

The poster and direct mail piece have been distributed to technology-related media and trade shows, according to the agency. Campaign spending was not disclosed.

Scottevest is a subsidiary of Technology Enabled Clothing of Chicago.