A Coup For Mayor Mccheese

Grab your address books. In less than a month, the small town of Granville, N.D., will no longer exist.
After winning a promotional contest sponsored by Sazerac Co., the New Orleans distributor of Dr. McGillicuddy’s Imported Schnapps, the town will officially change its name on April 14 to McGillicuddy City.
In exchange for changing all signs and references from Granville to McGillicuddy, the 250-person community will receive $25,000 in each of the next four years to help build a civic center.
The town will also be required to play wintertime host to some Sazerac-sponsored guests.
So far, reactions within Granville/McGillicuddy have been positive, although “there’s probably 10 percent [of the population] who think it’s stupid,” said LaDona Malachowski, president of the burg’s economic development commission.
And after four years, will the city sell out to the highest bidder?
“If they come back in four years and say, ‘How would you like another $100,000?’ Maybe,” Malachowski said.
The contest was developed by Sazerac’s in-house agency. Name-changing promotional events are being handled by Peter A. Mayer Advertising, New Orleans. –Aaron Baar