Somebody had to sayit: “Most real estate advertising is full of sheep!”

That’s more or less the message Gaby Moleta Advertising in North Miami Beach, Fla., istrying to get across in a new direct mail pitch targeting South Florida real estate developers.

The agency’s mailer depicts an endless row of sheep clones against a dull white background, underscored by some unfortunate but effective copy: “These ads have donned a uniform look that makes them part of a vast gray army of ads that march off into a vague, ‘me-too’ sunset.”

The shop, which counts some of the area’s most successful and dramatically named properties—The Palms, Santa Maria, The Point of Aventura and Porto Vita—among its clients, is promising to shake up the “uniform” dullness of high-end real estate marketing.

Given the way the presidential ballots have been counted in Florida over the past two weeks, “full of sheep” can characterize a lot more than the real estate market.