Countdown For Ayer

By the end of this week, Ayer could have a different face. On Thursday, the agency is reportedly meeting again with Oldsmobile executives and dealers, trying to build on the base of its General Motors corporate account. (The Olds selection committee has been beefed up by the addition of some Saturn dealers who are making the rounds this week to familiarize themselves with shops beside incumbent Leo Burnett.)
However, according to one well-placed source, the go or no-go on the much-speculated marriage between Ketchum Advertising (Acura’s agency) and Ayer – which seems to depend, in great part, on whether Ayer can bring in the Olds biz – could come down as soon as Friday if GM takes Ayer out of the running.
Ketchum chief Paul Alvarez was on vacation but he said there were no changes in the talks. Ayer ceo Jerry Siano was also out on vacation.
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