Cossette Post Lays Off N.Y. Personnel

NEW YORK Cossette Post here dismissed six employees yesterday as part of a restructuring aimed at better incorporating its parent company’s latest acquisition, design shop Identica.

Cossette Communications purchased Identica of London in an all-cash deal in December, marking its first acquisition outside of North America. Soon after, the New York office rebranded its design unit Identica, said New York president Lance Smith.

“We are looking at [strengthening operations] with an eye toward our growing business and our growing needs and what we are trying to do with Identica,” Smith said. “We will probably be doing selective changes and upgrades on an ongoing basis.”

Smith said that the office might let more staffers go during the coming weeks, but that the workforce reduction would rebound in March, after new positions are filled. Smith would not comment on the nature of the positions, except to say they will not be leadership posts.

Of those let go, three were from the company’s direct mail operation, acquired in April and formerly known as Tarsitano Creative. In July, the company bought Thinking Sports, helmed by Mark Bingham and Cossette Post CCO Robert Reiser.

There are now 90 employees in the New York office, Smith said. About 6 percent of the staff was dismissed yesterday.