Corvette “Rocket”

It is nice to know that America still builds rockets, even if they are the four-wheeled kind. The first work for Chevrolet from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for the new Corvette ZRI is filled with archival NASA footage as a male voiceover talks of a time when “a bunch of guys got together with a crazy idea, to go farther, faster than mankind had ever gone before.” A source of national pride for decades, the ad builds nostalgia for a time in America’s past when its space program, now gutted by budget cuts, made global headlines and boys dreamed of growing up to be astronauts. “While times have marched on and priorities have changed, it’s nice to know Americans still build rockets.” The voiceover gives way to screeching tires and the roaring engine of the Corvette racing down a curved road. The commercial takes any melancholy a viewer may feel for our battered national pride and flips it into flag-waving fuel for GM. Not sure if it’ll be enough to get people back into showrooms, but starting with a power play for Corvette, Chevy’s sexiest, most-beloved brand, is a good beginning for the heavy lifting Chevy’s advertising is going to have to do for GM. –Eleftheria Parpis