Corona Light “Moonlight”

Act 1: Good-looking 20somethings knock back Corona Light at a tropical beach party as they watch the sunset. It’s pretty generic stuff. But then, the commercial quickly gives an unexpected twist with Act 2: Having portaged their beer across to the eastern shore of whatever land mass they’re on, the young folks renew the party by watching the moonrise. The potential pitfall is that the beer could seem like an afterthought in this celestial vignette, though the camera certainly gives the bottles and cases of Corona Light their full share of screen time. And one takes the implicit point that if people this intent on partying have chosen the brand for their merrymaking, it must be a decent party beer. Apart from the lyrics of a song — the reggaeish “Say Hey (I Love You)” by Michael Franti & Spearhead — no words are spoken in the spot, allowing the visuals and musical accompaniment to hold viewers’ attention. But this also lends more importance to the words that do appear onscreen at the end, the campaign theme “It Only Gets Better.” Kind of a flat motto for an effervescent beverage, no? –Mark Dolliver