Corona Light Debuts First Multimedia Push

Crown Imports has launched its first national multimedia campaign for Corona Light.
The effort—including television, out-of-home and digital (Facebook and rich media ads)—positions Corona Light as the more “active” and “vibrant” of Crown Imports’ brands, versus say, Corona Extra, which is more “laid-back,” said Jim Sabia, evp of marketing for Crown Imports.
One 30-second spot, titled “Moonlight,” opens with a group of young beach goers partying, dancing and drinking Corona Light. When the sun sets, the DJ packs up his music and the party appears to be heading home. It is revealed, however, that the group is heading to the other side of the beach, where the party continues in the moonlight.
The new tagline further conveys the brand’s lively attitude: “It only gets better.” While Corona Extra is the “vacation in a bottle,” Corona Light is about sharing that experience with your friends, Sabia said.
The TV spots will air on networks like ESPN, NBC and Fox Sports during Major League Baseball games. Agencies La Comunidad and Pereira O’Dell created the campaign.