Corona Extra

Corona Extra has long established its credentials as the beer to sip if you’re lounging on a white-sand tropical beach. But what if you’re not? This new commercial shows attractive young adults managing to enjoy the beer on a city rooftop, amid snow-clad mountains, etc. This would all look a bit generic if the spot left it at that. But the final frame brings us back to the familiar tropical-beach scene and sums up what we’ve seen with an onscreen super that instructs viewers to “Find your beach.” In addition to linking the new spot to the ongoing Corona Extra campaign–and giving a semi-distinctive twist to the otherwise unremarkable glimpses of young couples–the “Find your beach” motif will resonate with beer drinkers by giving their self-indulgence the aura of a mission. As in: “Hey, I’m not just sucking back some beer–I’m finding my beach!”–Mark Dolliver