CorningWare “Float”

How high is your tolerance for goofiness? Your answer likely predicts how you’ll react to this spot for CorningWare, via Cramer-Krasselt of Milwaukee. The idea here is to emphasize that CorningWare’s new SimplyLite bakeware, despite the brand’s famous sturdiness, doesn’t weigh a ton – indeed, that it’s “50 percent lighter than traditional ceramic bakeware”. So, not content merely to show the crockery defying gravity and floating around the room, the spot shows the guests at a dinner party floating along with it. The resulting scene approximates what one imagines a dinner party on the space shuttle would look like (if the astronauts dressed for dinner, that is). Some viewers will find the whole vignette too goofy; others will give this long-established brand points for not taking itself too seriously. But even if you come away feeling this is one of the sillier commercials of 2008 (and you might!), you can’t help but grasp the sales point CorningWare wishes to make. That’s a tradeoff most brand managers, if not most agency creative types, would be happy to take. –Mark Dolliver