Core Looks to Help Build Bridge

Offers Brand Plan for Financial Info Giant
CHICAGO–Core is pitching a branding campaign for Bridge Information Systems with help from Ogilvy & Mather, with which it’s linked through the small-shop “Syndicate” network.
Bridge, a financial information provider, is headquartered in New York, but was formed and has a substantial presence in St. Louis, where Core is located. Last year it purchased Dow Jones Markets, another real-time data service, and while its marketing has been limited, spending on the upcoming branding effort is expected to be at least $15 million, and possibly much more.
Core’s relationship with Bridge came about through meetings with Tom Wendel, Bridge’s chairman and chief executive officer. The agency presents its plan to Bridge this week, with help from O&M, New York, which would handle global elements of the campaign that are beyond the small shop’s capabilities, said Marc Kempter of Core. O&M formed the Syndicate of small creative shops for just such situations.
Bridge provides real-time financial information and also provides trading services. While it claims to be the largest provider of financial information in North America, the company is not well-known among consumers, which is increasingly important amid the online trading boom. “The one thing they haven’t done is tell people who they are,” Kempter said.