Coors Bullet Train Gathers Steam

CHICAGO The Silver Bullet Train rolls in the cold for real Friday, when the mobile marketing vehicle for Coors Light travels to 15 markets in the next six months, starting in Los Angeles.

The vehicle is a 19-ton stretch tractor trailer, designed by Vivid Marketing of Smyrna, Ga., to look like the Silver Bullet Train featured in ads by Foote Cone & Belding, Chicago. It is outfitted with an authentic train horn and belches steam from its undercarriage, the company said in a statement.

Jim Sabia, vice president of marketing at Molson Coors, said last month that the train was not expected out until after Memorial Day. “The Silver Bullet Train is a great asset,” Sabia said. “It’s a great metaphor for Coors Light.”

The first car contains a mobile brewery tour with exhibits and large-screen displays highlighting the history of the Golden, Colo., brewer, and the filtration brewing process for Coors Light. The second car accommodates the Coors Light Lounge that features interactive games on Sony systems.

Trivia contests and giveaways will be held at Silver Bullet stops, including festivals in Boston, Dallas and Pittsburgh.

Coors will also activate its sponsorship of the 2006 National Football League season with the “Coors Light Silver Ticket” promotion kicking off on Labor Day weekend. Consumers submit entry codes from 12-packs of Coors Light to to enter a sweepstakes for game tickets, Super Bowl trips and NFL memorabilia, the company said.

“You have to have the right mix to talk to consumers,” said Sabia. “Media is being fragmented. As we develop the message—coldest-tasting beer, Rocky Mountain refreshment—we’re using more consumer touch points.”

Molson Coors Brewing spent $195 million advertising in 2005, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

—with Gregory Solman