Staffers at Houston’s Stan & Lou are savoring the City of Houston Media League Softball title as if it were the World Series.

A press release announcing the win boasts of ‘a hard fought victory against Fogarty Klein & Partners, the largest ad agency in Houston.’ It goes on to provide some curious facts about the team’s season, including a mid-season umpire scandal in which both men in blue suspiciously failed to appear at a softball game the night of a Rockets play-off tilt.

Reflecting on the team’s dedication, S&L owner Lou Congelio said, ‘These guys would selflessly leave work early to go play a game, then turn around and, through some super-human effort, show up late to work the next morning.’

Ex-S&L partner Stan Mays, now an agency client as ad director of The Coastal Corp., was also moved by the squad’s unlikely win: ‘I’d like to think I had a hand instilling in this team the drive, the desire and the thirst for post-game beers.’

The victory gave the team a berth in the city-wide softball playoffs. No word yet on how it fared.

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