convert jackets

Product-as-hero advertising is seldom convincing. In these cynical times, we reflexively doubt the heroism of those who truly are heroic, so we’re not about to exalt a product. This ad finesses the matter with a narrative populated by such obvious nonheroes that the jacket is relatively heroic—or at least mock-heroic. Set on Mt. Hood, the tale begins when a hot-dog skier cuts off our unseen protagonist (i.e., “you”), “forcing you out of bounds and into God knows where.” Next, “so-called friends wait 5 minutes for you before heading to Dairy Queen.” Then there’s the “news anchor who interrupts regularly scheduled programming to report you missing,” followed by the “geek from junior high you hardly knew who tells the world what a special human being he thought you were.” There’s a happy ending, but only thanks to the “jacket that saves your ass.” Silly as it is, the story leaves a sense that Convert is conversant with snowboarder folkways. And that assures potential customers they wouldn’t be buying this jacket from a bunch of flatlanders who don’t know what it’s like up there.