Converse, Modernista! Split

BOSTON Converse and Modernista! have ended their three-year relationship, according to a statement issued by the independent ad agency. Converse is now gearing up for a review, sources said.

Converse spent $5 million on ads through November 2003.

Clift Jones, president of Modernista!, said the agency chose to resign the account because of an increasing workload. The shop has recently added assignments from Anheuser-Busch and TIAA-CREF.

Converse officials did not return calls seeking comment.

North Andover, Mass.-based Converse is owned by Nike, which uses Portland, Ore.-based Wieden + Kennedy as its lead agency.

The latest ads from Boston-based Modernista! broke in November and featured NBA players Chris Bosh (Toronto Raptors), Dwayne Wade (Miami Heat), Mike Sweetney (New York Knicks), Kirk Hinrich (Chicago Bulls) and Troy Bell (Memphis Grizzlies). The effort focuses on their transitions from being college heroes to leading hard-working lives as NBA players. Scenes show the guys waking up early, leaving their homes, driving to the arena, preparing in the locker room and practicing.

The tag, “The freshman class of the First School,” makes reference to Converse’s history and also echoes the currently fashionable “old school” trend, the client said.