Continued Yo-yoing

Oil prices continued to exert a heavy influence on the stock market last week, with a late Friday sell-off of crude oil futures leading to a price decline that sparked a bit of a rally. Beyond that, mixed signals had stocks yo-yoing through the week, as they have for much of the month. The Dow Jones industrial average was up 122 points on Friday to close at 10,192.51, but was still down 3 percent over a blustery April. The Nasdaq closed at 1,921.65, suffering its fourth straight month of overall decline, with a drop of almost 4 percent for April. The holding companies were all down for the week; the declines were led by WPP, closing at $54.11 in trading with American Depository Shares down almost 5 percent for the week. IPG was down 2 percent to $12.86, with Omnicom falling the same percentage to $82.90, despite a solid first quarter report that had revenue up 8 percent over the same period a year ago.