Consumers Take to Web for Do-Not-Call List

NEW YORK An overwhelming majority of consumers who have signed up for the 2-month-old national do-not-call registry have done so via the Web rather than by telephone, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Nearly 80 percent of the 48.4 million phone numbers that have been added to the registry since it opened June 27 were posted at, according to a statement on the FTC’s Web site. The FTC, however, reported that the 6 million registrations recorded during the Labor Day weekend were more evenly divided, with about half coming through the Web site and the balance via the toll-free do-not-call registration number, (888) 383-1222.

The do-not-call registry, which is managed by the FTC, allows consumers to limit the number of telemarketing calls they receive. Most telemarketers, with some exceptions, will be required to remove numbers posted on the registry from their call lists by Oct. 1.

Despite the Web’s status as the preferred method to sign up, not all consumers are completing the process, the FTC warned. The government organization reminded people to open the verifying e-mail from the do-not-call registry and click on the link provided to finish the registration.