Consumers Are Sick of Feeling Overlooked by Man-Made, Female-Targeted Products

Women-led companies are disrupting the brand world

Upside down black triangle with the word Ellevest written in the middle; on the left of the triangle is Rael; on the right are the words Good American
Women are sick of seeing products and services that are targeting them but not created by other women. Rael, Ellevest, Good American

I came of age in the late 90s, when bras were padded beyond recognition and Abercrombie faced a mild backlash over child-sized thongs. Then brands got “real.” They went lighter on Photoshop. Dove said you were allowed to have gray hair. Brands realized they should target women, so men designed campaigns specifically for her. The ads were aimed at us, but nothing below the surface was changing.

Lizzie Harris is a partner at Lippincott.