Connelly Milks Radio for Lehigh

BOSTON Connelly Partners/CGN repositions Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms’ product as a great way to get a fresh start in a new radio campaign.

Four 60-second spots running in several Pennsylvania markets revolve around the notion that anything can happen, no matter how unlikely it seems, on any given day. In one commercial, a child informs her mother that she is going to start listening to her more. “Like yesterday, when you asked me to put the milk away, I was just pretending not to hear you,” the child says. “I’m going to stop doing that. … I know it seems like an easy thing to do, but you’d be surprised at how hard it is. Seriously. Especially first thing in the morning.”

In another spot, a baby informs his mother that today is the day he has decided to start speaking real words. “I’m considering milk, mama and TV,” the kid says. “I haven’t picked which one yet, so get the video camera ready, because I’m ready. Today I start talking; tomorrow you’ll be telling me to get off the phone.”

In each spot, the mom says, “Hey, it’s a brand new day, and anything can happen. Be ready for it. Start with milk from Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms. It’s a delicious and healthy way to get a fresh start anytime. And a refreshing reminder that today, anything is possible. Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms. It’s a brand new day.”

The “brand new day” positioning resulted from research conducted by the Boston agency earlier this year, when it began working for the client. “As we got into these markets and talked with people there about their perceptions of the dairy, we found that milk, as a staple product, has the connotation of being a morning kick-start for them,” said agency managing partner Joey Curtis.

The spots will run through November; media buying is handled by Cleveland Communications in Boston. Spending was not disclosed.

Lansdale, Pa.-based Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms is a division of Dean Foods in Dallas, parent of Connelly Partners/CGN client Garelick Farms.