Conn. Lottery’s Latest Game: Romance

BOSTON Cronin & Co. takes a new tack in its latest work for the Connecticut Lottery, humorously playing on the differences between men and women in a campaign for the client’s Mega Money scratch game.

One 30-second TV spot, “Romantic Vacation,” takes place in a suburban living room, with an apparently happy couple discussing how to spend their Mega Money winnings. The wife envisions a getaway. The husband, however, has already ordered home electronics and other “toys” being unpacked on the front lawn.

The commercial aims to communicate to consumers that, “With a top prize of $20,000, winning Mega Money won’ change your life forever, but it will allow for a bit of fun,” said James Vance, chief executive of the Connecticut Lottery.

A similarly themed radio spot features male and female voiceovers debating how to spend their winnings. Print and point-of-sale materials are also in the mix.

The new effort, guided by Steve Wolfberg, chief creative officer of Cronin in Glastonbury, Conn., broke statewide this month and will air for the next few weeks. The client spends about $2 million annually on ads.

A previous effort from Cronin proposed the lottery as an alternative to bingo [Adweek Online, June 4].