Conn. Learns Contacts Shops For Assignment

The Connecticut Department of Education in Hartford has sent out requests for proposals seeking an ad agency to promote a school-to-career outreach program.
At least 10 Connecticut agencies were sent a questionnaire initially, said Susan Binkowski, manager of the Connecticut Learns program.
Binkowski declined to disclose the names of the shops that received the letter, but added that it was being made available to other agencies that had contacted program executives.
Connecticut Learns received a significant boost recently when the U.S. Department of Labor & Education awarded a grant of more than $3 million to help fund the program in conjunction with a national effort called Reaching for 2001. Ogilvy Adams & Rinehart in New York is handling public relations chores for the national project, said Binkowski.
The multiyear, mixed-media assignment has a budget of $200,000-300,000 and extends from Feb. 2, 1998, to Nov. 30, 2001. The contract should be awarded on Feb. 1, Binkowski said.
The winning agency will be asked to create television and radio spots, brochures, videos, direct mail pieces and newsletters for both the education and business community.
Promotional efforts will target employers throughout Connecticut as well as public officials, labor unions, educators, administrators, parents, students and out-of-school and at-risk youth.
The program’s goal is to create internship opportunities in businesses across the Nutmeg State for high school students and graduates and provide them with ways to sample different career choices.
Connecticut Learns is a collaborative effort between various state departments–including higher education, labor, economic and community development, and regional education–and certain workforce development boards, such as the Connecticut Business and Industry Association.
Connecticut Learns has not previously worked with an advertising agency, Binkowski said.